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Trattoria Cubana dates back to 1965 when Mrs. Irma and Mr. Pino opened their business called 7 Sorelle which later became Trattoria Cubana, named after a brand of coffee which was popular in those years.  At that time it was just a bit larger than a room with a couple of tables where fishermen and soldiers quickly ate their risotto. 
The restaurant has always been run by Irma and Pino, hence the name, together with their offspring who still manage it. 
The business has grown and today Trattoria Cubana, situated along the Candiano Canal in Marina di Ravenna, is one of the largest catering businesses along the coast of Romagna. 
La Trattoria Cubana has two large indoor rooms, one for the restaurant and the other one for takeaway meals, as well as a veranda for takeaways. 
From the take away counter you can taste everything you would eat in the restaurant with the only difference you help yourself and carry your food to the table. 
The house specialty is Spaghetti all Scoglio, a huge dish of homemade spaghetti (egg and flour pasta) covered in a rich sauce including shrimps, prawns, mussels, clams. Another dish not to be missed is the Imperial grilled platter of shrimps, king prawns and lobster. 
Private parking spaces are available for our guests.
In November 2017 the restaurant has been radically renewed.
The refurbishing project and expansion of the takeaway areas have improved our service and efficiency. 
Our customers approve in many languages:
"Il posto ideale per ritrovare il gusto di mangiare in trattoria circondati da calda cordialità."
"The ideal trattoria: a place to enjoy a meal in warm, friendly setting."
"L'endroit ideal pour savourer des produits dans un cadre chalereux."
"Die freunde des essens in der trattoria - gewurtz mit herzlicher gastfreundschaft."

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